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HDMI and HDCP – Some background information. HDCP is a copy protection that was added to the HDMI standard, at a later time, by Intel. The first HDMI versions did not include HDCP, but most modern HDMI capable devices support.

After a fortnight of driver hunting, driver conflicts, BSOD’s from resource conflicts and even ‘Windows driver paywalls’ – where you have to pay to download drivers for the EasyCAP – I got ‘my’ EasyCAP working as a video and sound capture device in Windows 8.1 (and Windows.

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  1. The Somagic device driver is installed in in Windows 10, but it will make your system less secure / more prone to malware. 0x0007 SMI Grabber (EasyCAP DC60+ clone) (no firmware) [SMI-2021CBE] bcdDevice Click open capture device. Connecting PAL camera to pc and working.

  2. Sep 30, 2007 attach the Easycap Device before you have installed the USB Driver Once all installed you can then connect your external device VHS is set to either 'Video Composite' or 'Video S-video', not to any setting relating to a TV tuner. Next set 'TV System' to PAL or NTSC depending on you source material.

  3. I need assistance in finding these drivers for my EasyCap I run XPSP2 and whenever I try to capture with this device I get an error "Either no video capture driver is installed in this system, or. "Either no video capture driver is installed in this system, or no device is connected." Apparently the drivers that .

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Aug 1, 2016 In most cases when a USB Capture device does not work with Studio it is Studio does not have the correct port selected, either Composite or S-Video. All the drivers for the supported hardware install automatically when you ports and you need to connect these devices.

Jul 15, 2015 I bought and installed EasyCap and have Ulead Video Studio up and running. When I select OPTIONS>AUDIO AND VIDEO CAPTURE OPTIONS is greyed out. With regard to the drivers, no, they do not show up in Device Manager. If it was plugged in, then either something is wrong with the USB .