Jul 20, 2011 I am trying to install Win XP x64 on an HP Compaq 6710b notebook with a From previous experience, I know I need to have the SATA drivers.

Yesterday I tried to install Windows XP Prof x64 on a computer with a SATA hard disk drive. I found out during the installation that its not .

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i’ve been trying to install windows xp pro 64bit but i need sata driver i’ve looking on the dell support site and i’ve tried to user the 32bit driver but i just says there not supported, anybody know where.

I love XP, and to be able to use it with a 64-bit CPU. XP does not include native SATA drivers on the install disk. You would.

  • OK, this is as much information as I can give to you at the moment. [System Specs Below!]I have a Windows XP 64-Bit Installation.

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  • A06 bios flash is of no help for OS installation to recognize drive. Does Dell have some 64 bit SATA drivers somewhere on this website.

  • Windows XP SP3 Review: Windows XP SP3 is the Operating System offered by Microsoft. This ISO is a Genuine ISO of Windows and is Ready to Boot, Included all SATA Drivers. The GUI of Windows XP is Very Simple and Users can use it without any issue. The Overall Interface is very simple and easy to use. The New Version of Windows Is Much Updated and Included New Features.

  • I am currently running 32-bit windows XP Home on a Dell XPS Gen5 with a 64-bit processor. I have an additional hard drive, partitioned in half. I want to install Windows XP Professional 64-bit on one of the partitions.

Marvell 6121 SATA Driver V1.2.0.69 for 32/64 bit Windows 7

Installing Windows XP on a SATA hard drive is not a straight-forward task as Windows XP does not recognize the SATA drive.In order to install operating systems such as Windows XP on SATA drives, the latest SATA drivers are required.

Hi I recently downloaded the latest version of Windows XP 64-Bit for my new PC, but the SATA drivers included on the driver disk are seen as 'corrupted' by the OS install.

Installing XP 64 on SATA Drive Radio2006 Sep 7, 2010, 1:23 AM Hey, I searched the forums for help before posting this, but I didn't find anything specific to my issue.

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I am trying to install Win XP x64 on an HP Compaq 6710b notebook with a SATA HD. From previous experience, I know I need to have the SATA drivers on a floppy disk to do a pre-install.

Windows XP does not provide drivers for all the SATA controllers, therefore, during the installation procedure, the user must insert a floppy with the drivers that came in the package along.

I would like to try installing a dual boot of Windows XP Professional x86 with Windows 7 Professional x64 on a single hard drive. I gave up last .