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Before reviewing the different brands of driver shafts, it is important to consider how to differentiate driver shafts, the features that are essential in a driver shaft, as well as how a driver shaft should be matched to your golf needs.

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Learn how to re-shaft your very own golf club. Simply follow these instructions to get your golf club re-shafted.

  1. Re-size Grip, .00. Regripping, .00. Re-attach Head, .00. Shorten Club, Price of new grip. Shorten Club (save grip), .00. Reshaft (Steel or Graphite) .

  2. 1: If they re-shaft it correctly then its not a problem. The heads of quality drivers are going to all be good heads and what makes or breaks the driver for most people is the shaft.

  3. Aug 6, 2018 describes the steps involved in installing new shafts in your golf clubs. If you're the do-it-yourself type, follow these steps to prepare the .

Bore-through golf clubs require a different shaft installation process. We can send your clubs to The GolfWorks for re-grooving, and return them to like-new .

  1. When you're thinking about your next driver—and we know you are, probably right now—what's increasingly different in 2018 is how the universe of drivers is expanding to meet your demands.

  2. The different length of stock shafts in drivers across manufacturers only re-enforces the importance of a custom fitting. Tiger Woods played a 43.5in shaft for many years and a number of the world.

  3. With both new and used golf drivers on offer and drivers for women and seniors, you'll be sure to find just what you're looking for. Regular and Stiff drivers The faster your swing when driving, the stiffer the shaft of the club needs.

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If your favorite old driver seems to have run out of quality hits, you might want to refresh it by adding a new shaft to the club. A new shaft can put the wallop back in your trusty driver and have it hitting like a brand-new.

Shop our wide selection of How To Reshaft Golf Clubs and choose from the top brands you trust. Make your game better with top quality equipment.