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As with some of the other settings which can impact on the fairness of multiplayer gameplay, this setting is not highly scalable, in that between Low and Ultra there is no dramatic change, and certainly the effects can't be disabled completely.Oct 24, 2011 The long-awaited Battlefield 3 is finally going on sale across the world this returned to Battlefield 3 with a new set of performance-enhancing drivers and Border multiplayer map and the introduction to the single-player campaign. ensure frame rates remain silky smooth with all Ultra settings enabled.Dec 9, 2018 In multiplayer, you want the best possible performance that you can get Recommended System Requirements For Battlefield 5. CPU, Intel i7-4790K / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X GPU drivers as NVIDIA and AMD usually release new drivers ahead of these big launches. Set Post Process Quality to Ultra.

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HD5850 PhenomII 965BE 3,4ghz DDR2 4gb all on ultra, seems anytime I enable AA or AO, it seems to do this. AGAIN, NOT framerate probs, only after 10 minutes of play do I get stuttering. AGAIN, NOT framerate probs, only after 10 minutes of play do I get stuttering.Re:Battlefield 3 Ultra Settings for PC!!! 2011/09/05 13:27:04 I'm figuring my 3 way SLI of 480's should still be able to crank out some FPS in this. Might have to reduce some settings for 5760x1080 though, not for lack of shader horsepower but for the 1.5gb of VRAM i have perhaps being a bit shy of enough for surround.October 24, 2011 By Andrew Burnes. The long-awaited Battlefield 3 is finally going on sale across the world this week, and many PC gamers are looking into upgrades or completely new rigs to ensure all of the game’s fantastic eye-candy can be enabled.

Battlefield 3 Ultimate Guide By MANIAC-VVV- This Guide is intended to help users of NVidia graphics cards, have a stable and graphically satisfying experience when playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer.Dec 28, 2011 Battlefield 3 Frame Rate Drop Issue with GeForce GPUs BF3 @ 2560x1600 Ultra Settings Preset Unplayable Is this a driver issue? Often BF3 gameplay gets very choppy - its stuttering pretty bad and FPS stay above 60 all I've also noticed it a lot on the new MP maps with my AMD based GPU's.Battlefield 4 Top Plays (SUBMIT YOURS!): Zeppelins In-Depth in "Battlefield 1": Thanks for watching Battlefield 1 - PS4 VS PC Ultra Settings Graphics.

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can this pc run bf3 in 32 vs 32 multiplayer mode on high/ultra and far cry 3 high/ultra settings with what fps can this pc run far cry 3 and bf3 in 32 vs 32 mode on high/ultra settings.Battlefield 3 PC BETA - Caspian Border - Ultra Graphics Settings - 1080 HD Example Gameplay - Running on NVIDIA-SLI setup ( 2 x GTX570 - ULTRA graphics settings - DRIVER : win7-winvista-64bit-285.In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines where they will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer actions ranging across diverse.